Imagine for a moment that you are standing smack dab in the middle of a tight rope. One one side of the tight rope is your family and on the other side is your college professors, etc. Usually, a tight rope walker’s goal is to make it from one end to the other without falling. But lets look at this analogy in a different light.

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Many times, students and parents just “let the college decision happen”. You should take charge of your college search and make it your “job” to find a place where you can get a college education that is worth the money.… Read More

Online colleges may not carry the same name value or educational quality that a traditional college has, but it also provides an education for people who need an extremely flexible schedule.… Read More

White personalities are typically classified as accepting, calm, and balanced. They are independent and require kindness. They like to keep things balanced in their life and they try to maintain internal feelings of tranquility and comfort. This kind of personality is essential in the classroom. They are very tolerant and accepting of different people and their ideas. They are quiet by nature and will most likely be sitting in the back or on the sides of the classroom.… Read More

Everyone realizes that individuals prefer different styles and techniques to learn. Everyone has a mix of learning styles. Some people may have dominant styles, and rarely use different styles, while others may use different styles in different circumstances. Learning styles are not fixed. Anyone can further develop the style that they already use, or a style they rarely use. … Read More

If you ask me, lame mascots really get your team off on the wrong foot in the intimidation department. I hereby petition, in the interest of the sports teams that must be represented by these sorry ambassadors, that these mascots be removed and replaced by something cool. Check out these five lamest college mascots ever.… Read More

Self-made entrepreneurs thumb their noses at their school-going counterparts, insisting that the really important lessons can only be gained through real-world experience. While experience is an invaluable companion to education, however, school is still the best way to build a solid foundation for the rest of your career. … Read More

You go to school to learn and to gain credibility through attainment of a diploma, so you can hold it up to a prospective employer and say, “Yeah, I’m legit.” Post-high school, people actually pay money for this opportunity. So it doesn’t make any sense when you hear of cheating becoming so prevalent in today’s universities.… Read More