A psychology degree is something moms should consider pursuing if they haven’t already. Why? I believe moms would make excellent psychologists because if you think about it that’s one of a mom’s job descriptions at home. How so? Well, who do your children come to when they need advice or help in life situations? That’s right, mom. So, if you already have a psychology degree you are very fortunate because now you can even exercise your mom-pertise and expertise and really make a difference in your family’s life.

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If you are a mom and have never been to college but want to, there are so many opportunities available to you. It is so easy to get intimidated but in all reality you can achieve your goals and dreams if you really strive for them.

You may be thinking to yourself; “Yes, I want to return to school to better myself and my career but I don’t know what area of study to pursue.” Might I suggest considering some sort of Associate Degree in specialized business, Specialized Technology or even Specialized Teacher-Education.

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Frequently college students overlook a basic way they can increase their success in a college course – classroom etiquette. Interactions in the college classroom influence the instructor, impact group dynamics, and due to normal human psychology, quickly label and categorize students. Thinking back on basic middle school rules like, “plan ahead, be polite, and participate… Read More

Many times, students and parents just “let the college decision happen”. You should take charge of your college search and make it your “job” to find a place where you can get a college education that is worth the money.… Read More

With so much talk about SAT scores, GPA’s and stellar essays, many forget that college is about finding that “perfect fit”. It’s great to get accepted to a top-tiered university or an Ivy League college, but if you’re there just for the notoriety on your resume you’re totally missing the point. … Read More

Many entrepreneurs have long held to the stigma that education by experience outweighs knowledge gained in the classroom. However, with the recession taking its toll on business large and small alike, many entrepreneurs are scrambling for any advantage they can get to stay afloat. Often, those advantages are found in college degrees. Growing numbers of… Read More

Several scholars and journalists are now bringing up the idea that higher-education could be the next sector to crumble. This means that smaller colleges might be forced to merge, close, or declare bankruptcy. They have spent too much and are in debt up to their eyeballs, and now with shaky student loans and rising tuition… Read More