mentoring opportunities for college student

Eventually, with all you get going to college, you feel the need to give something back. Mentoring others, which can happen at your job or during social activities, can be a perfect way to do this. Here are five opportunities for mentoring for college students that you can find on any college campus…… Read More

You can choose to obtain a business degree, a marketing degree or specialize in an even more focused field so that you will be properly prepared to run a winning industry. There are so many options available to you today through traditional or online schools to obtain the business degree that will be the most beneficial to your trade. Go after the area that interests you.… Read More

Looking for a way to pay for your college education? If you’re a military veteran your financial aid opportunities just got better as of August 1, 2009. Read on to find out about the brand new financial aid programs for our military men and women.… Read More

With a dwindling economy, charities are seeing their donations plummet. Usually during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season donations tend to skyrocket. But over the last few years the declines in giving to food banks, shelters, and humanitarian centers have become visible.… Read More

Increasing numbers of workers are leaving their careers in the private or public sectors to make the world a better place. Some join existing non-profits or new growth organizations (NGOs), humanitarian organizations that use business for-profit models to help the needy. Some just start their own. … Read More