Elms College recently announced that it will offer a master's degree program in business administration beginning next fall, The Republican reports. Officials told the news source that the program will be delivered in an hybrid format, which will consist of a professor conducting lectures in-person one week and requiring enrollees to finish online assignments the… Read More

If you enjoy cooking, or even eating, you have probably tuned in to the BravoTV show Top Chef. It’s fun to watch the chefs battle it out for the #1 dish and stand before the judges table, waiting to hear “please pack up your knives and go” when they are eliminated. If you are passionate… Read More

With the rising cost of college tuition over the last two years a student is now expected to pay over $7,000 a year (on average) for the privilege of attending the public halls of higher learning. Here are some creative ways you can get around these ghastly tuition hikes without going eyeball deep into debt.… Read More

Careers in tourism and event planning are on the rise. How is that possible with the economy in such a slump? Read on to find out why in 2011 tourism is one of the hottest new college majors that leads to a lucrative and FUN career.… Read More

If you are a mom and have never been to college but want to, there are so many opportunities available to you. It is so easy to get intimidated but in all reality you can achieve your goals and dreams if you really strive for them.

You may be thinking to yourself; “Yes, I want to return to school to better myself and my career but I don’t know what area of study to pursue.” Might I suggest considering some sort of Associate Degree in specialized business, Specialized Technology or even Specialized Teacher-Education.

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