Forget Spring Fever. Stay focused and you’ll benefit in more ways than one. Here’s my thinking: You probably cannot afford or have the time for a spring fling somewhere warm. The kids are in school, so you have other restrictions too. Rather than taking the spring and summer off from school…you should keep going and… Read More

Did you know that spring is one of the best times of the year to be looking for a job? In fact, any industry that operates on a fiscal year that ends in June or July starts looking for new staff just about when spring break begins. Check out these four industries that do the bulk of their hiring in the spring.… Read More


Okay moms, close your eyes if you will and imagine for a moment that you are lying on a beach somewhere with just the sound of the waves, a good book, and some sort of tropical drink in hand.  Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? Sorry to burst your bubble, but we as moms know that… Read More

Spring breakers all around the country are gearing up for week-long vacations. Some head for the beach, others head home, and some of the more adventurous ones have decided to discover the world. But this isn’t your normal trip, it’s a trip where you are able to give back and help some people in desperate… Read More

It’s March 1st and that means only one thing to college students—spring break is just around the corner. The words “spring break” are synonymous with partying, so much so that a study was conducted around spring break drinking patterns. According to the study, the average male drinks 18 drinks a day and the average female… Read More