March ushers in the beginning of spring (at least in most parts of the country) and it’s March Madness time—college basketball at its finest. You know the drill—college athletes give their best while the NCAA, college alumni, sponsors and the networks promote and abuse the college athlete. At least that’s how Ralph Nader and his… Read More

Spring is the time of year when families pile into their minivans and head out on spring vacations. If they have a college-bound teen, they often opt to add some college visits to their vacation itineraries. Granted, showing up at a college tour with family in tow is probably not the best impression to make.… Read More

Nothing says spring like those annual spring college fairs. If you have ever attended one or look forward to attending one this spring, you know they can be a bit overwhelming. Faced with the daunting task of connecting with admissions representatives from numerous colleges, parents and students need a plan. Approaching a college fair without… Read More

Most college students have spring break on the mind right now. But once you return from your much deserved and much anticipated break, you should do some much needed spring cleaning. Before you begin the last few weeks of college and head into the summer, think about how you can eliminate waste, spruce up your… Read More

Spring Colleges

To kick off the spring season, I thought it would be fun to look at a few colleges with the word “spring” in the title.  Not only is this amusing but it is very informational since one of these colleges may be of interest to you. Colleges Titled “Spring“ Spring Hill College Spring Arbor University… Read More

If you’re a mother like me (God help you), then every day can feel like a crisis. I have only two whirlwinds that I call my children, and there are moments when the chaos is distracting at best, horrifying at worst. So I read with interest about the new book from Linda and Tony Cole.… Read More

Spring conjures up thoughts of warmer weather, spring fever and spring cleaning. It’s a time when we pull back the blinds, venture out of our houses and start working in the garden. But for the college student, spring is the time for evaluation and preparation. During the spring semester, students should evaluate their progress thus… Read More

Did you know that spring is one of the best times of the year to be looking for a job? In fact, any industry that operates on a fiscal year that ends in June or July starts looking for new staff just about when spring break begins. Check out these four industries that do the bulk of their hiring in the spring.… Read More

spring cleaning

If you are anything like me, you probably started making plans to spring clean your house or maybe you have already completed this daunting task.  It’s definitely not a very exciting chore but in the end your house feels lighter and your family can breathe easier.  Ever considered spring cleaning for the mind?  I know that… Read More