Student loans were created as financial aid to help those who might otherwise not be able to afford college to reach their educational goals. But what happens when the job market goes sour, everyone turns to college to fix their career problems at the same time, and they need student loans to make it happen?… Read More

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When you are considering going for a bachelors degree, one of the first questions that comes to your mind is how you will pay for it, because, face it, all four of those years of bachelors degree education does not come cheap. Fortunately, bachelors degree-holders have more financial aid available to them than any other… Read More

So you want to start your college search. But here comes the scary part… College is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in money and time. Half of all full-time undergrads at four-year universities pay $9,000 per year for their education, not to mention room and board, transportation, and other living expenses… Read More

When you take out a federal student loan for college, the government expects you to pay them back—as would any creditor. But the difference between a bank and the federal government is that the government allows you to perform some types of public service in place of paying back a portion or all of your… Read More

Studies show that most people avoid going back for a college degree because of money worries. Fortunately, Stafford Loans, recently beefed up by President Obama’s stimulus bill, allow students to cover all their school and living expenses with minimal interest. With a combination of Stafford Loans and Pell Grants, degree-seekers are finding it easier to cover their living expenses and return to school.… Read More