Due to the convenience and flexibility of web-based learning, many colleges are increasing their online offerings in order to ensure that their students’ needs are met. Remington College is one of these institutions, as the online school recently announced that several of its internet-based degree programs are now accepting enrollees. Students may choose to pursue… Read More

With so much talk about SAT scores, GPA’s and stellar essays, many forget that college is about finding that “perfect fit”. It’s great to get accepted to a top-tiered university or an Ivy League college, but if you’re there just for the notoriety on your resume you’re totally missing the point. … Read More

A new study found that five times as many high school and college students are facing anxiety and mental health issues than the same age group during the Great Depression. A psychological questionnaire from 1938 confirmed the belief among counselors that students are struggling with not only school but life in general more than in the past.… Read More

In order to try and improve their test scores many states decided to try a tactic to raise their test scores. They decided to lower their standards and believe that students reading and math skills at their grade level will improve. The scores will increase but and show that students are improving when they haven’t truly mastered the skill.… Read More

They believe that life is a party and they are hosting it. Yellows won’t participate in class or other activities unless they believe that they are going to have fun. They become the class clowns. They like being the center of attention and need to be noticed and praised. They appear to be nonchalant about things, but nothing is further from the truth. They need attention.
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This motivated and high stress group of individuals drive the class and they pose a challenge because they are such hard workers and high achievers that they give the rest of the class a run for their money. They are very organized and eventually become leaders in their companies and industries. They become the rich guys that tell everyone it is my way or the highway.… Read More

The Whitman College extravagance shows the prosperity of America’s elite and private schools. Ivy League, Stanford, and MIT are elite institutions that excel socially and academically. They are known for their great proportion of wealth to their size and the rest of higher education institutions. Most students that attend Ivy League are the wealthy and it demonstrates that the rich continue to get much richer. … Read More