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Study Abroad is a great opportunity for students. If they desire to travel and experience new things but don’t want to take time off from school then study abroad is the best option. It can be expensive, but there are many affordable programs. Students also have the opportunity to pick their program length, country, and how many credits they want to take. There are many schools that offer programs abroad and these are just five of the choices.… Read More

It doesn’t matter what country, length of time, or classes, students choose because they’ll receive academic credit. There are hundreds of options to choose from and that includes cost. Costs vary greatly depending on the program, length of time abroad, as well as the country, but if students want to go abroad then there are options that will most likely fit their needs and budget.… Read More

Studying abroad can help you become more fluent in another language, and/or it can open you up to different cultures and customs. This may seem frivolous to students who are short on cash, but many students end up with jobs or internships simply because they studied abroad.… Read More

Study abroad programs are fun, educational and will broaden a student's perspective. Travel and study abroad experiences can be priceless. You can experience another country's culture, receive unique curriculum, see the world, make new friends, and even learn another language. Due to cost, budget constraints, time requirements, jobs commitments, etc, many students never have the… Read More

Studying abroad always sounds very adventurous, but recently I heard about someone who takes the cake when it comes to adventurous studying abroad. In Utah, there is a boy who lives in the mountains and has been studying mountain climbing quite a bit lately.… Read More