Finals can be a terrifying experience. All of your work for the last few months climaxes into one ridiculously condensed barrage of hour-long exams and epic papers. Students fall into depressions or life-threatening illnesses from the intense stress levels. People freak out on subjects they would typically be very comfortable with. To compensate, students put… Read More

college study tips for studying at home

By consciously looking for ways to minimize or eliminate things that will interfere with your studies, you can carve out a quiet place where you can dig into those homework assignments and get things done. Here are five things to look for as you create your at-home study space.… Read More

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Knowing how to maximize lecture time goes a long way to helping you actually understand the subject matter on a deeper level and retain it far beyond finals. Here are five stellar ways to maximize the time you spend in lectures.… Read More

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College students don’t just show up knowing how to hold an effective group study session. That’s where we come in! To help you turn your ragtag band of misfit students into a well-oiled studying machine, we are pleased to provide you with the following five tips to make your study groups more effective.… Read More