Education careers are not what they used to be, leaving some to wonder: are teaching degrees even worth the hassle? Without a doubt, teaching is one of the most important careers in any community. Without good teachers, there would be no other professions. No one would receive the foundational knowledge they needed to proceed onto… Read More

We have spoken at length on our blog about Pell grants, which are available to anyone who has sufficient financial need and meets all other requirements. (To get your introduction to the world of financial aid and Pell grants, read our article Everything You Need to Know About College Grants.) But there are also other… Read More

Education is easily one of the most secure industries in the U.S. When other industries fall flat, children still need to be taught and the government is still obliged to pay for it. In fact, historical statistics show that growth has been constant in teaching even through recent recessions. Ironically, in the wake of the financial meltdown, a number of financial professionals have switched to careers in teaching.… Read More