Americans just cannot get enough of their colleges and universities. In fact, within the U.S., there are 4,084 colleges and universities. Every state has at least a few of them, but some definitely have more than others. Without looking at our new infographic below, can you guess which states have the most colleges? Or which… Read More

Alternative high school options are growing in popularity across the nation, and nowhere are they more popular than in the Great State of Texas. To serve this need, more and more online high schools are popping up in Texas, using the vast reach of the Internet to bring quality, flexible education to high school students… Read More

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board recently announced that they are pushing state schools to offer more online degree programs, The Texas Tribune reports. Officials told the news source that increasing the use of online classes may reduce higher education costs. Furthermore, Texas Higher Education Commissioner Raymund Paredes noted that it could result in a… Read More