College is expensive enough without the high cost of textbooks. It is summer and there are better things to do with money–things like going to the beach or to the movies to see a summer blockbuster. Save some extra cash for summer fun by renting text books instead of buying them. Rented Vs. Used Text… Read More


As  a mom in school you know that one of the many financial burdens of college is textbooks.  From new to used it can still become pretty pricy.  What if I told you there is a way to save big bucks if you ordered your textbooks through Amazon Student? Now that I have your undivided attention… Read More

College students can now rent textbooks from The company started in 2003 but evolved over the years. It started out as a mini Craigslist but never took off. The owners realized most of their traffic was looking for used textbooks.… Read More

If you're going back to school, you're on the right path. The next step is to ensure you have the right tools to help you along the way. Books are one of those important tools. Education takes place not only in the classroom and online, but through reading as well. Quality books are an essential… Read More

When it comes to education, who doesn't need a litte extra help once in awhile? Most of us do. Tutoring is a great way to get one on one help with any subject you're studying. Tutors can be especially effective because the personal attention helps ensure that you will gain real confidence and a deeper… Read More