Some days, you just gotta say, “Thanks.” I’m ungrateful for so many good things in my life that I need to remind myself of the good stuff, like friends, family and fun. I’m reminded of these things largely because we just celebrated Thanksgiving together as a family. We traveled this year to Chicago, where my… Read More

If you prepare big Thanksgiving dinners, most likely you are left with an abundance of leftovers. Why not use your Thanksgiving leftovers and turn them into some fabulous recipes? I have yet to try some new recipes. I have never thought to go outside of the box with yummy Thanksgiving leftovers, except for hot turkey sandwiches which can be absolutely amazing depending how you prepare them. Busy Cooks over at have some really awesome recipes that look worth a try.… Read More

Job hunting this holiday season? Landing a job during the holidays isn’t as hard as you might think. It’s easy to convince yourself that nobody hires between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but in reality that’s just a myth. Before you hang up your resume until after New Year’s check out these job search opportunities that only come around once a year.… Read More

Thinking of inviting some co-workers over for Thanksgiving dinner? How nice. But just remember Thanksgiving is a time you should spend with people you truly like (weird family members aside). So before you invite a gaggle of co-workers over a family holiday meal, ask yourself these four important questions.… Read More

Let’s admit it: I cannot multitask. I have a one-track mind, and focusing on multiple things at once just escapes me. It was bad when I was single and working full time; it’s worse now that I have so much relying solely on me. So finding a way to balance lately has been trying, especially… Read More

Okay moms, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This either excites you to the 10th power or your head is spinning and you are stressed at just the thought of it. Making Thanksgiving dinner is a lot of work especially for those of us who are extra busy and just don’t want to spend all that time in the kitchen. Don’t you want to enjoy a much needed day off with friends and family?
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