A new study is showing that many states are heading toward an economic disaster. Everyone knows that California is facing a back breaking deficit. The state government decided to try and ease the crisis by increased borrowing but that hasn’t worked and they are facing astronomical deficits.… Read More

If you’re a student and struggling to pay the bill for tuition, housing, books, living costs this list might make you feel better. It seems like universities try to squeeze out of you every last penny they can get. Millions of students every year have to pay out the big bucks and many have to go into debt to earn their education. However, you’re tuition bill probably isn’t this bad. These are the top 10 most expensive schools in the United States and look at the hefty price tag they come along with.… Read More

Generally, Americans enjoy traveling. While Americans may not travel quite as much as Australians, Europeans, or Chinese; they do enjoy exploring different countries and cultures. In the past, Americans have tended to predominantly visit countries that speak English and have a similar culture. However, Americans are expanding their horizons and visiting these 10 countries the most. … Read More

As 2009 comes to a close, the most dangerous jobs list has arrived from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). You may find yourself rethinking your career choice after reading this, especially since you are not only putting your life at risk. The jobs on the list aren’t the highest paying jobs. Plus, many of them don’t offer you the greatest benefits if you are hurt or killed on the job. You may want to reconsider your career from a cost-benefit analysis perspective.… Read More