Campbellsville University recently announced that it has reached record enrollment for the spring 2011 semester. Officials said that total enrollment at the school has reached 3,074 students, which shows an increase from 2,935 in last year's spring semester. The university now has 2,570 undergraduate and 504 graduate degree seekers. Total enrollment in the school's online… Read More

Computer hackers have recently taken on a new front in attacking company websites in an attempt to affect their bottom line. However, officials from Utica College, located in New York, recently announced its cybersecurity degrees are prepared to help students meet the demands of this growing issue. The school offers online cybersecurity programs at both… Read More

According to the 2010 Sloan Survey of Online Learning, web-based enrollment figures have risen by 1 million students since 2009. As part of this trend, schools are reporting that record numbers of people are attending nontraditional classes nationwide. Spartanburg Community College in South Carolina, has announced that enrollment in the school has grown by 22… Read More

Student loan debt has ticked past $862 billion, according to FinAid, a college resource site. As tuition continues to rise for traditional colleges, more individuals are looking toward online programs to earn an degree. Online colleges now offer degrees and certificates in a number of fields for students who are looking for an alternative to… Read More