A recent Accenture study finds that 2011-2012 college graduates are struggling to find a place in the job market. Many are turning to further education to move up into the jobs they thought they were qualified for. For the details, just check out our new infographic below. To share it, please use the embed code… Read More

time to go back to school

Life certainly has a way of telling us it’s time to go back to college. Our job situations, the economy, or changes in pace of life can all drop the hint to us, if we’re paying attention. If you experience any of the following five signs, it might be time for you to think about completing your college education.… Read More

Irish higher education is taking the job market into their own hands, developing a program designed to create 6,000 new part-time higher education and training places for the unemployed. The University of Limerick, University College Dublin, Dublin City University and the University College Cork have all joined forces to create opportunities for the unemployed, hoping… Read More


If you’re about to graduate from college this spring, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to find a job. But with today’s news of 216,000 new hires added in March and unemployment falling to 8.8%, things are looking up for June’s college grads. Here are four reasons why your college degree really was worth all that time and money.… Read More

The National Labor College (NLC) recently announced that it will be offering three new online bachelor’s degree programs geared toward union members, leaders and staff.

Officials said that they will be offering online degree programs in emergency readiness and response management, business administration, and construction management. They added that students can complete these curricula in two years for less that $10,000.… Read More

Ironically, the slump in the economy has motivated people to re-examine their work situations (even if they’re still employed) to figure out if they’re in the right jobs in the first place. But in doing so you have to be careful to determine between a temporary unpleasant work environment (due to the economy) or the need to jump ship and find a new career. Here are four questions you can ask yourself to help you determine if you’re currently in the right career.… Read More

Are you in a funk because it’s taking longer than you thought to find a job? The competition is tough right now, but you can’t let that get you down. The only way you’ll find work is to stay focused. Read how millions of unemployed Americans are keeping motivated while looking for jobs, even though open career doors are hard to find.… Read More

No matter what your situation is – looking for a job, hoping for a better career, going back to school to boost your income – there is information available to make it happen. You just need to be what I’ll call a Job Detective. It takes some savvy, some smarts and some plain-old dumb luck… Read More

2010 as many of us may know was still a pretty rough year for the economy. Many individuals were laid off or lost their jobs completely. Now beginning a new year, many are still unemployed and are unable to find a good job to support themselves or their family. Hopefully we will see a change this year allowing more jobs to become available… Read More