It is no secret that many enter military service because of the GI Bill (among many reasons, of course). And that comes as no surprise: having most or all of your college education paid for is a big deal. But what many servicemen and servicewomen might not realize is that the GI Bill, and other… Read More

It might seem like online schooling is new thing, right up there with other new kids on the block like social media and mobile devices. But the truth is, online schooling has been around for at least 50 years-or at least the idea of online schooling has been. To give you a glimpse into how… Read More

Search for a Phoenix University and you’ll get more results than you bargained for. Of course, there’s that Phoenix University (see below). But there are eleven other fine institutions of higher learning in the Phoenix, Arizona, area that you might or might not know about. 1. University of Phoenix Founded in 1976, the University of… Read More