Many prominent schools are beginning to see how online learning is shaping the education front. As a result, they are starting to convert some of their course and program offerings to the web-based format. Some universities are only converting general education courses to the online medium, while others are taking whole programs and making them… Read More

Officials from Sanford-Brown, which is an education provider, recently announced its Community Link program. Community Link is a membership-based suite of on-campus and online resource giving students at more than 30 schools in the U.S. web-based test preparation tools and alumni access to continuing education activities. Officials added that this program will provide enrollees with… Read More

According to officials from the University of Georgia, the school is pushing to offer more online degree programs, the Athens Banner-Herald reports. The school recently announced the launch of a new online master's degree program in reading education, which is only the institution's third web-based curriculum. However, officials told the news provider that the university… Read More