Harrison College recently announced that it will offer a scholarship for working moms who wish to pursue a college education, the Evansville Courier and Press reports. Officials told the news source that the new scholarship is geared toward helping women who are working or reentering the workforce and have a child under age 18 at… Read More

At colleges there are many more applications from women than men, yet the number of both sexes accepted is about the same. At the College of William and Mary 7,652 women and 4,457 men applied for this year’s freshman class. But the college accepted 45% men and 27% women. Same at Pomona College 21% of men were accepted and only 13% of women were.… Read More

Women are officially kicking boys’ butts in the classroom. The women now make up a majority of college students. Meanwhile, growing numbers of boys are struggling to meet minimum requirements from elementary to high school. What is causing this trend? What does it mean for the future?… Read More