I thought it would be fun to examine top 20 of the most common New Year’s resolutions known to man or should I say woman. I follow a blog titled: Iguanasmom where she invites readers to compile this top 20 list. Maybe you have made a resolution with one or more of these goals and maybe you have succeeded or maybe you have failed in the process. Is it time for a new resolution, maybe one that is a little bit more realistic?

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Want to keep your New Years resolution? Then start by breaking it. That way the suspense of “How long it will last.?” is immediately over. NOW you can get on with the business of adopting a real resolution, hopefully one that will last longer than the life of a fruit fly. Read on to find out how you can feel good about making and keeping your New Years resolution.… Read More

Job hunting this holiday season? Landing a job during the holidays isn’t as hard as you might think. It’s easy to convince yourself that nobody hires between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but in reality that’s just a myth. Before you hang up your resume until after New Year’s check out these job search opportunities that only come around once a year.… Read More